A Steve Bell Checks in from Philadelphia, PA USA

This Steve Bell says he “Googled himself” to get here. He added, “…just another Steve Bell checking in! I’ve been in auto finance since my days in the US Army. Love the 60s music but also some contemporary. Have been to the UK once but would like to return soon. Friends in Bristol. Like the site and content very much.”

Thanks Steve. We’re developing a great list of Steve Bells now. It makes you wonder exactly how many there are of us in the world. I reckon hundreds at least if not thousands.


Feedback From Elly

More feedback on the subject of Pimms, this time from Elly, somewhere in deepest Oxfordshire. Elly found this site by searching for Pimms on Yahoo!. She says . . .

“I am in complete alliance with you on the matter of the lack of a Pimms website, its absurd! Here is a truly delicious and fantastically squiffy-making drink, and there’s not a single weblink anywhere to lead us to further enjoyment of the drink company’s marketing world.

I feel we should retaliate and demand a website from the good Pimms people as soon as possible. Only one question remains: how does one get in touch with them?”

Elly it’s a good point. Not only is there no website, but putting a search into ask.co.uk such as “who makes Pimms?” brings nothing of any relevance at all. I shall have to look closely at the label on the bottle! In the meantime, if anyone else out there knows . . . ?

Yet Another Steve Bell!

I received a feedback form from this website today which I will simply quote in full. It said . . .

USA, Racine County, Racine, Wisconsin

Actually, Steve is my boyfriend, and I just put in his name to see what would come up! I’ll make sure I tell him about your site, and your list of other Steve Bells out there.

Incidently, when we get married we are going to change our last name to Bellini, which was the origional Italian spelling from his ancestors. Steve Bells of the world unite!

It’s a pity you did not leave me your name, but many congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Steve Bell.