Evian Roller Babies TV Commercial

This is a must-have for this blog. This is not only clever because the technology is clever (which it is – the blending of live action heads with CGI bodies and location backgrounds) but because the artistry is clever – look at the moves the characters are performing, someone spent a long time with a motion capture system as well translating it into baby-sized moves and hanging it together into foreground, background etc., but also – it’s great because it is SO well directed!

Watch it several times. The characters are watching each other. Stop frame it when two are skating side by side – they are either smiling at each other – with precise eye contact – or watching each other’s feet. Sooo clever.

There’s a “Making of” video on YouTube as well – you can find it. I don’t know how many hours of live action baby expressions they shot, but well done guys, the result was worth it.

I hope people remember the product! :-)