Fairway Taxi makes the Olympic opening ceremony complete

A PROPER London Black Cab!

A PROPER London Black Cab!

It was delightful to spot that when the BBC made the 5 minute film of James Bond escorting the Queen to the Olympic Opening Ceremony, they chose to use an iconic FX4/Fairway Driver London black cab rather than one of those nasty, plasticky new TX models.

It’s the Fairway FX4 that people know and associate with London, because in  various forms that’s the shape that has been on the streets of London for around 50 years!

Well done the BBC for getting it right! Click the picture to watch the video.

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media

3 comments on “Fairway Taxi makes the Olympic opening ceremony complete

  1. Hi Steve

    “The uploader has not made this available in your country” <–u-tube Argh!

    Sad, but the corps don't want folks in u.s. to see anything re games 'cept for
    their edited, profit-making excerpts. Thanks for the screenshot. I did get to
    read the Guardian's blogger & pics from the opening of the games "live."
    Otherwise, just radio announcements whenever u.s. wins a medal or Asia teams
    have a problem. "Big Brother" is here . . .

    Enjoy your posts. Originally I came to your site wondering if you were the Steve
    Bell that contributed to Adobe Atmosphere3D back in 2001-05. Also wondered
    if you were the Steve Bell that did "timeline" using banner with stars as background.
    At the time, I tho't I'd get permission to emulate the idea, but it looked like work
    boiling down personal history to one major life event annually.

    regards, karen a/k/a "kj"(using adobe mouse avatar)

    • Hi, Karen,

      I am indeed the Steve Bell who was one of the Beta Testers for Adobe Atmosphere. Fancy you remembering that! I still have my copy of the one and only CD they ever produced of the Software.

      I did also once do a Timelne – it scrolled sideways, though I don’t remember any stars in th background. In fact I just searched and found it on the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20011024211632/http://www.stephenbell.net/timeline/index.htm Is that the one you mean? :-) I suspect it’s not, but thanks anyway for prompting that memory! :-)

      Re the Olympics, I’ve been watching the #NBCFail Hashtag trending and I synpathise with you guys over there. We get 5 channels of BBC TV including 3 in HD, streaming everything live with no commercials of course. I gather you guys can wait anything up to 8 hours to see what we’ve seen. That’s a disgrace.

      By the way, my interest in the original London Black Cabs is that Sheila, my partner, and I have one! We bought it just for fun and to rescue an historic vehicle. It’s my daily commute transport to work (I’m not a taxi driver) and we also take it to the occasional classic car show. http://www.fotothing.com/Sheila/photo/d073562afdae9222dc90c83adac61182/

      Thanks for commenting – and remembering! A final word about the Olympics coverage – I don’t suppose there is any point in your trying the BBC iPlayer, but it might be worth a click . . . http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/19040227 and try this direct one as well, just in case . . . http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/live-video/bbc_one_london


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