Globe Trotters

Colin Grimshaw is off globe trotting again – back to Australia. He’s promised to send back a few pictures and words for the Website.

I also had an email from Allan Karl, who wrote, “The pictures featured in “Antidote to Pictures of People Fighting” (see the Blog Archive HERE) are phenomenal and have given me more to think about, as I’m considering a plan to tour the world – that is circumnavigate, under some theme that would be not unlike “in search of the lost smile”. The smiles and positive imagery that you uncovered here is much what I’m hoping to find on a lonely solo cruise across dangerous borders, complete with high risk and the like. The tour begins August 2004 in the Arctic Circle near Alaska.”

I wrote back asking him to send me the occasional picture and report to feature here, to which he replied, “Steve – I will keep you informed. Unless something terrible happens
to me or, if it is even possible, in the world, then my plans will change. I’ve got a publisher lined up for a book, and now it’s just nearly a year of planning. We’ll stay in touch and love to have you track progress with me!”

So it seems not only will we have Trottin’ Colin away doing interesting things, but we may have the opportunity to track Allan’s progress around the world as well, so ‘stay tuned’ as they say.