4K TV at PC World

We went into PC World the other day.  They sell TVs there too – all sorts.  I said to Sheila, “I wonder if they have any 4K TVs yet?”  So we asked the assistant.

4k TV


The answer: “4K?  What’s that then?”

We explained.  4K.  You know . . . UHD TV, Ultra High Definition, 3840 x 2160 pixels . . . ?

He went off to find someone.

He came back.

“We have one in our Evesham branch, but you have to have a survey first.”

“A what?”

“A survey – we have to come and survey your house first –  to see if you can have one.”


We laughed.  Loudly.  All the way to the door.

Poor bloke.

But what on earth are PC World thinking?

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media

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