Don’t believe a thing you see

You may be surprised at just how much of today’s film and TV is shot with Chromakey/Travelling Matt/Colour Separation Overlay/Green Screen – whatever you wish to call it.

Even Sheila’s Key Signatures video is done that way! :-)


Dogs at 1000 frames per second

Isn’t it true that very often the simplest ideas work best. Isn’t it also true that simple ideas need to be executed flawlessly to look as good as this one does.  Superb.

Watch it full screen.

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media


I really should pay more attention to my own website and Blog!

A few days ago, I discovered a note from a friend I haven’t seen for getting on for 35 years.  The item languished on the site for Four Months (note caps) before I noticed it.

Now of course I’m anxious to get in touch.  I fired off messages and emails in all directions, naturally, but it’s been five whole days and she hasn’t answered.  Now I ask you – how discourteous is that!?  :-)

Bye-bye Blogger FTP!

As Google in the guise of have seen fit to cease providing FTP facilities from Blogger, it seems I have to do something new. Well, I’ve always liked a challenge so given the recent downtime problems with WordPress, I’ve decided to move my blog here.

Hang on; let’s run by that again.  I’m moving my blog here because wordpress had problems?

Yep! If ever there was a time when WordPress’s eye must be right on the ball it’s now – and hey, two hours out in a lifetime is OK with me.  So here we are; let’s see what we can make of this.