Ho, Ho, Ho, Kelloggs . . .

On Christmas Eve last year, I mentioned the brilliant Kelloggs Christmas TV commercial. (Click Here to read the original post).

I just received a message via my feedback form from Warren Ripley who lives in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. Warren says, “I was looking for information on the Kelloggs Christmas commercial, I typed in ‘Kelloggs Ho Ho Commercial’ and your website popped up first. I had just got done writing to Kelloggs asking if they were planning on running it again this year. It’s my all-time favourite commercial. Let me know if you find anything out and I will certainly do the same.”

I mentioned at the time that Kelloggs were losing out on a superb viral marketing opportunity that I reckon would go round the world in a couple of days.

Watch out for it on TV to see if it returns. In my humble opinion, Kelloggs would be mad not to give it a second airing this year – and release a version online. If you read the original post and the following one, you will see Kelloggs said they would be getting in touch. They never did of course; what a huge shame not to make the most of their opportunities. With no modesty at all, even Joseph Jaffe, Editor of iMedia Connection called me, (but meaning this website) “a Connector second to none”.

However, all that apart, would you good people out there – including Warren – let me know if you spot “Ho, Ho, Ho” on the ‘Net anywhere? Thanks.