A Quick Post and an Apology

Hi Folks,

Here’s a link for you to look at and an apology. I’ve been working away from home in Edinburgh for the last week and am doing so again next week, so haven’t had much time (read: any time) to update the Blog. However, Rod Jobb has sent me an email with news of an interesting website that explains in great detail just how that amazing “Honda Cog” commercial was made. If you’ve been following this story you really should read it. Click Here to read all the details.

I can’t promise a lot more in the way of content next week sorry to say, but to make up for it, here’s a picture I took in Edinburgh the other day. These fellas were just sitting on a street corner near one of the offices I worked in. They really caught my imagination!


Just to Round Things Off . . .

Phil's Dilemma!Phil wrote back . . . “Staggering really – mind you, if you go to Google and type ‘Honda Cog advert’ – guess what! Even just ‘Honda cog’ gets a high ranking!
We should invoice Honda for our (collective!) marketing efforts!

I got this strange chap from our Server provider with a message ‘um…, er… your traffic seems to have increased about 800%… any ideas? It’s just that you’ve transfered your monthly limit in 48 hours… Maybe you should check your stats.’

Glad he called actually, otherwise we’d have racked up oodles of extra bandwidth costs. Thanks for all the notes on your website – you never know! Hope things are going well with you – must get together for that coffee/tea soon! Kind Regards, Phil.

Phil, you’re a Star! (Steve inserts another huge plug for Newview here!)

Folks – We Did Our Best!

I received an email from Phil Clarke this morning. It said . . .

“Sorry Steve, we had to take the movie down just now – apparantly we’ve generated over 5GB of traffic since last Friday (1500 downloads!) – this is going to be over our transfer limit together with everything else… quite an expensive exercise!

At least it proves there’s a lot of demand!”

I wrote back to Phil, and said . . . “Bl**dy H*ll! I’m not surprised you took it down. Stone me. I was expecting, maybe 40? downloads max. Bloomin’ eck. er… Don’t know what else to say. I’m stunned.”

As the headline says good people, we have done out best to spread the word (and the movie) but here I’m afraid, the story has to end; it seems this is just too expensive. I am REALLY grateful to Newview Communications and at least 1,500 people now have the commercial or the “Making Of” movie who would not have had it otherwise so I’ll just say a huge “Thank You” to Phil on all your behalves and urge you again to use Newview should you need a website built! As you can see, they’re a really nice bunch of people!