“The Queen Must Die!”

The Queen Must Die! (A Play) Excuse me while I have a ‘Proud Father’ moment. My daughter, Tania, and other students at her school, performed their ‘Drama A Level’ play to an invited audience of parents, family and friends in a small theatre in Sleaford, Lincolnshire on Tuesday evening.

Especially given the title of “The Queen Must Die” we were half expecting an evening of teenage overacted angst but what we saw was a very funny comedy that gained these young players many belly laughs from their audience. It was genuinely very funny and the whole thing very well acted, directed and produced. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Let me also send note for the unseen sound and lighting person too – everything was spot on cue – and there were a lot of cues!

Primarily for Tania’s (and my) benefit but also for that of her friends and maybe a few other parents, friends and families, there’s a short video clip you can view. Click the picture! (7mb .wmv file)


A Pimms Website at Last!

Click here for the new Pimms Website! At last, Pimms (or rather, Diageo) heard me; we have a Pimms website!

I was directed to this by Malcolm Owen who spotted it; thanks Malcolm. The site has a few of the things I suggested – recipes etc., and a nice little “Weather Alerts” marketing ploy, whereby the grab your email and postal addresses and send you notifications of weather reports if the coming weekend looks suitable for drinking Pimms! Well, why not? It’s as good a ‘Call to Action’ for building a mailing list as many I’ve seen. I’ve signed up and will report on what I receive!

Yes – you can also watch the latest TV commercials, including a couple of shorter, different, variations of the “Prison” commercial. I haven’t seen these on TV in the UK yet, so go and have a look and meet “Fingers” one of the inmates.

Well, it’s been a long time coming but it’s not a bad start. Diageo you missed out on over a year of potential viral marketing – and you are still missing out by not having the original TV ads there for downloading! However, it’s nice to see you’re listening to me! ;-)

Click the picture to be transported!