M-Audio Microtrack II “Unrepairable” at 32 months old!

I’m extremely annoyed.

M-Audio Microtrack II - Faulty . . . and unrepairable!

M-Audio Microtrack II – Faulty . . . and unrepairable!

We have an M-Audio Microtrack II audio recorder we bought from Maplin here in the UK about two and a half years ago. It has been a delightful little unit to use and we’ve used it regularly.

Recently, it has has developed a great deal of hiss (white noise) and recording sensitivity has diminished. We have tried two microphones (both known good and working) with no improvement. Even winding the level controls right up results in lower than usual level recordings and unacceptable white noise.

So, I emailed the UK agent, InMusicBrands asking them to advise us where we should return this unit to for service.

The reply was less than useful!  I quote:

“The Microtrack is a product that was unfortunately discontinued before we took over the M-Audio brand and the only spare parts that we have for this product are the battery, battery cover and USB cable.”  Whilst you could certainly send it in to us for a repair estimate, it’s quite likely that we wouldn’t have the parts to repair this and even if we did it may be uneconomical to repair the unit.”

They then went on to say even an estimate would be charged at £15 for 30mins work plus £10 shipping back cost – Plus VAT.

I repeat, this device is less than 3 years old and, to all intents and purposes is now rubbish to be thrown away.  If this is planned obsolescence, it’s taking things to extremes. Fancy taking over a brand and only being given spare batteries and battery covers!

I am NOT impressed M-Audio and I will not be buying your products again – unless you have any suggestions?

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media