RIP Doug Engelbart


Doug Engelbart

Doug Engelbart

In 1968, Doug Engelbart invented the Mouse, the Hyperlink, Cut – Copy & Paste, Object Linking and Embedding, and he was a pioneer of Arpanet on which the Internet was built.  It was on his work that Tim Berners-Lee built the Web.  Doug has passed away today at age 88.

He has been absolutely one of my heroes since as AV Technician, I showed the whole 100 minute video (linked to in parts below) to the computing department of University College London back in 1969.

I remember the audience seemed interested but the consensus was “It’ll never catch on”.  I believed him!

I’ve had links to these videos on my website ever since I’ve had a website. Anyone who thinks Microsoft, Apple or even Xerox invented the Graphical User Interface, the Mouse, the Internet, the Hyperlink etc should click here: The real birth of computing as we know it.  Watch Clip 12.


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One comment on “RIP Doug Engelbart

  1. I’m sure that he’d have been proud to know that he made such an impression on you, and that you were such a loyal follower – I shall watch the clips with interest.

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