Sheila’s Wheels – Going Backwards!

Click to watch It seems as though I’ve been writing about nothing other than TV commercials of late, but it’s not for lack of other things happening. Remind me to tell you about Current TV!

Anyhow, for the moment, let’s discuss “Sheila’s Wheels”.

Sheila’s Wheels is an online insurance brand and is of course part of Esure – you knew that didn’t you? They’re the ones with the CGI “Mr Mouse” Mr MouseFor the last year or so they have been running two very well thought out TV commercials here in the UK. Rather than read as I describe the first one, watch it for yourself. Click the picture above.

Back? Right! So the concept is pure fantasy. There are 11 shots in the first commercial; in some, the Girls (or “Sheilas”) are sitting in the front of the car, in others they’re in the back. In Shot 9 a dog is driving, in all the others nobody seems to be driving at all! All that I can accept. The one thing that grates however is that in shots 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11, the car is going backwards! Why? It’s not necessary – either plotwise (as if there were any plot as such) or technically so, I repeat, why? Did the Director and Editor think nobody would notice? Well, if that’s the case, we did, and we still DO! It occurs to me to ask whether in selling car insurance to women drivers, they’re not leaving themselves open to a certain amount of ridicule in having the three “Sheilas” driving backwards, fast, without looking! :-)

Click to watchIt’s actually a great commercial and the music and words are particularly clever and I’m sure the three Sheila’s are doing a great job of selling.

The second commercial is perhaps better still. (click the picture to the left to watch it). Expertly cast, directed, acted, shot, recorded, mixed and edited, it crams 33 shots into 38 seconds. Entitled “Butch Sings” The energy in the shoot, the reaction shots and crowd noises make this a winner.

There was a third commerial but I’ve not seen it on air. Two Australian guys talking in a bar. It’s the weakest of the three in terms of message and memoability so I think it’s been canned in favour of the two above.

Click to watchThe girls by the way are Cathi, the main vocalist in the centre, who was born in – yep – Sydney, Australia. Her other claim to fame is that she once sang the Australian national anthem to ex-US President Bill Clinton.

The brunette is Emma who is English and is not only married to one of the Teletubbies but whose voice is on the Currys “Always cutting prices” commercial.

Finally, the blonde on the left is Carly, who is Welsh. She has a pink kitchen (yes really!) and used to work for Brooke Shields.

You see! The things you learn here! :-)