Google Wave

Around a million people must have blogged about this already, but I can’t resist adding to the huge number of words already published about Google Wave.

If you’re into technology you have to watch this video. Yup, it’s 80 minutes, but after the first 5 you’ll be as hooked as I was.

I wish I was a programmer, because I’d love to work with this. As it is, I’ll sit and wait for Wave to be released – and believe me, I’ll be signed up on Day 1.

This is phenomenal work and it proves yet again, that to succeed, you don’t have to reinvent something that ain’t broke (Bing versus Google Search) but in the best lateral thinking tradition, rather than digging the same hole deeper, go and dig a new hole somewhere else.!

I want Google Wave and I’m going to be there on the doorstep when it’s released. I say again; watch the video – actually it’s probably best to go to YouTube and watch it, choose HQ so you can see the screen shots clearly, and click on full screen!


CSHS becomes CHS

This is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days . . .

. . . not only organising the technical and staging aspects for the National Congress but changing the branding for CSHS as well!