The “Making of the Honda Cog” Movie

A very good friend of mine who owns/runs a great Web development company has offered to host the “Making of the Honda Cog” movie – all 109Mb of it! You’ll need Broadband or a lot of patience, but I am hoping to have it available for download and viewing before long. Watch this space.

Rod Jobb contacted me through my feedback form, also offering to host the movie. Rod, you didn’t leave me your email address, so I can’t reply directly, hopefully you’ll see this. I really appreciate the offer, and if for any reason plan A falls through, I’ll be in touch!

As an aside, due to the huge interest shown in this and the thousands of people who have visited this website (and the previous huge number who asked about the music from the T-Mobile commercial) I’m setting up and! You people are the very first to know! I’ll be emailing everyone who’s contacted me again, just as soon as the “Making Of the Honda Cog Commercial” movie is available.


Dr Who Restoration Team

The Doctor Who Restoration Team Website can be found here. So why do I tell you this? Because for all you Dr. Who fans out there, there’s some news from Colin G that might interest you. He says, “On their web site there was mention of a request for any tapes of Dudley Simpson who wrote and recorded most of the music for Dr. Who. I have such a tape from the BBC Maida Vale Studios. It was a re-used tape they recorded over with some material I need for the 1975 / 1976 Christmas Lectures.” (These are the annual Royal Institute programmes – Steve) “There is some 20 minutes of studio recording of him for a Dr Who episode called “Spiders” and in fact this is music for Episode 2. I am already told by them that this was the last series with Jon Pertwee! I’ve made a Minidisc copy and will give them the original for their archives collection. By the way, they also tell me that the video I shot for BBC Enterprises at Longleate House in 1983 still exists today and would have gone onto the DVD of the Five Doctors….but they didn’t have the money to make it a DVD9 (double density disc) :-( Nearly fame at last…”

(Colin attended a Dr. Who convention to shoot video of all the living Doctor Who’s together in 1983). Never Mind Colin, your day of fame will come!

No DVD Sorry

Just to make it clear, I don’t have the DVD of “The Making of” neither do I have access to a CD burner right now. Sorry folks. I’m still looking at ways of reducing the filesize so I can put the “Making Of” movie on the Web for you. If and when I can, it’ll be right on top of this site and I’ll email everyone who’s asked about it again. Promise!

Stills from “The Making of The Honda Cog Commercial”

I’ve extracted eight stills from the “Making Of” Movie that accompanies the “Honda Cog” TV Commercial and I present them below for your interest and amusement. I think they pretty much tell their own story. There’s a pre-production sketch and some out-takes (the opening of the commercial featuring “The Cog”, the rolling cylinder that opens the electric window and the wheels on the ramp). There are ideas we never saw, (one of these looks bloomin’ dangerous!). There’s the crew working on setting it all up and the proof it took 606 takes to get it right. And of course there’s the Champagne when it all finally worked! I hope you enjoy them.

OK, one more big one! This is a great shot showing the general arrangement; you can see the ramp of wheels on the left and the camera crane that tracked along the whole set as it happened.

The Making of The Cog Movie

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   PageThis morning, a package arrived from Jelle in Scotland. A CD containing the 45Mb QuickTime version of the Honda Cog commercial and the 109Mb “making of” movie. I wish I could share this with you people out there, but I don’t have a spare 109Mb of webspace! I’ll look into ways of reducing the file size to see if this is possible.

In the meantime, I can report the “Making of” movie is fairly short but very interesting. It shows several other interactions between parts that were not used in the final version and also of course, quite a few out-takes of things that did not work. In the opening shot for example, where the first small cog hits the larger one, there are views of it rolling right past or just hitting the second one without the latter moving, so things did not always work right from the start! There are several shots at the end of the Champagne flowing when it finally came together. I am very grateful to Jelle for this and as I say, I’ll see if it can be reduced in frame rate or definition enough to post here. If not, I’ll see if I can extract a few stills from it to show you.

Message from Jelle

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   PageAnother email has flooded in from Jelle in Scotland. I quote: “In the UK the free DVD was included in the advertising supplement of the British national newspaper The Guardian on Sunday 11 May. The DVD has got the cog movie on it in two variations (two different models of the Accord) it also features the “making of” documentary, and a diagramatic explanation of all the parts, and a short video clip of the seventies band whose music you hear at the end of the ad.

The DVD also has a data (DVD-ROM) part on which there is an interactive HTML version of the DVD interface. the movies themselves are on it as Quicktime (Sorenson 3 codec) movs. 500*375 pixels. The ad movie is 45Mb the making of is 109Mb. The quality is superb.”

Thanks for the information Jelle. I completely missed that. I wish I’d known about it on the 11th! If anyone from Honda or the Guardian reads this, I currently have the email addresses of 102 people who’d love to have a disk!