Happy 80th Birthay BBC World Service!

The BBC world Service has been a wonderful source of truth for people all over the world for 80 years today.
It’s a reason to be incredibly proud of the BBC.
Listening to shortwave radio requires skilful tuning, and sometimes a knack with aerials, but it has delivered BBC news across the world for 80 years.

Fairway in the Snow

Hattie in the  Snow

The iconic London black cab is always a great subject for a picture. I’m sure this isn’t Hattie’s first taste of snow, in fact I’m certain she has seen a great deal of it since 1997, but it’s the first she’s seen with us, here in Worcester.

We took her around town and did the weekend shoppimg in her and in the process discovered you can get an 8ft length of Homebase skirting board in a black cab.  (Easily in fact!)

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media