A Non-Result

NOT the
 end of
 Ainsley It was not the end of Ainsley, sadly. Sinead remained due to the public vote, so maybe Ainsley is beginning to realise he’s not going to win the public over or win the competition. My bet is on Lemar, although either he or David would do for a worthy winner as far as I’m concerned. Having watched Sinead rehearse next week’s song however, she’ll be difficult to beat and Lemar may just have chosen the wrong song. We’ll see. Normality may now return for the next five days, until the next “Showdown” on Friday evening.


The End of Ainsley?

Ainslie - on
probation!At risk of boring my American readers, who will have no idea what all this is about, we’ve got this Reality TV thing going on in the UK at the moment. Now, if you read my posts on the 12th and 20th November, you’ll remember I asked why the teachers in the BBC’s Fame Academy and Voice Tutor, Carrie, in particular, can’t see for themselves just how bad Ainsley really is. Maybe they’ve cottonned on now, because for the second week running, Ainsley’s on probation! Now then UK, let’s get our act together tonight and vote to keep Sinead in! Hopefully the students will then vote for Malachi and tone deaf Ainsley will be out of the door! :)

Blog Hot or Not and James’ Blog

“Jim and James” as they’re generally known, invented Hot or Not? (If you don’t know what Hot or Not is, I’m surprised.) I July, they thought of applying the same idea to Blogs, so you can now rate this Blog (and thousands of others) at Blog.HotOrNot.Com. If you like, you can start off by rating this one! (Be gentle with me, Mildred!) James writes a Blog himself. You can find it by Clicking Here.

Apparently true Factoid from the Smithsonian: 10% of all Americans live in Trailer Parks. ‘Mazin’ !

Fantasy Film League – Mid Season Report

As if anyone were interested, I’ll just let you know my Fantasy Film in the fantasyfilmleague.com October – December season is bombing nicely! I chose Dan Ackroyd, Samuel L Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Meg Ryan and Patrick Stewart, directed by Ridley Scott! It cost me $70m to make, yet “Men in White Behaving Well” has taken a miserable $12,825,000 in the US and European box office. This puts me at number 707 out of 1,923 in the league. My only consolation is that there are 1,216 other people’s Fantsay Films doing worse than mine! :-)

The Human Computer

Colin says “OK”.

The Human Computer was held on 20 November 2002 and was Co-presented by Professor Igor Aleksander and Professor Kevin Warwick with students participating from schools in the UK and South Africa.

Click Here
to WatchThe host is Michael Rodd who many UK residents of my age will remember from the BBC’s “Tomorrow’s World” programmes of the 70s. Once known as “Raymond Baxter’s nice young man”, he’s very well versed in the scientific world himself. Colin and I have both worked with him before.

If you’re serious about your science, settle down with a cup of tea and watch. You’ll need Broadband I’m afraid as well as Windows Media Player, of course. Do drop me an email if you enjoy it. Click the picture to launch the presentation.

Video Streaming from Imperial College

Colin Grimshaw‘s been busy recently, organising all the technical work for a multi-university global Video Conference. The topic was “The Human Computer”. I’ve seen some of it and want to watch the whole thing. This is the sort of content one does not see enough of on TV, real cutting edge science, being taught by the Professors who are doing the research. The stream was captured and is on the Web right now. I’ve asked Colin if I can quote the URL here for anyone interested. He’s getting back to me. If he says OK, I’ll post a precis and the URL here. This is the sort of thing you’d never find by “surfing” because it’s just a streaming file on a server at Imperial College.