More About Scoopt

First off, if you haven’t heard any of this story, start with my post of 6th September about Scoopt – a Picture Agency for the Public.

Scoopt have done a brilliant job of publicising this first picture sale, aided by the fact it would seem this was the first “Citizen Photo-Journalist” picture sold by an agency anywhere in the world.

So far, these are a few of the websites the story has appeared on:,
The Press Gazette, MocoNews.Net, Treo Today, XTV World and of course, Scoopt’s own coverage of the happening Here.

On Sunday 30 October I was supposedly being be featured in the Independent on Sunday but it looks as though that article has been delayed for a week. Next month however, I’m in Professional Photographer magazine!

And now – Japanese TV!

The pictures alongside this entry were taken on Friday when I was interviewed for a Tokyo TV news programme – this story has spread even to Japan. The TV crew were from the Reuters news agency – a highly professional team consisting of (left to right) journalist, John Domokos, soundman Andy James and cameraman Martin Hamer.

Let me be honest – all this attention is great fun and yes, I’m doing my best to promote Scoopt – an organisation started by people I believe to be honest and ethical, and who have a genuinely sound idea. Frankly though, I can’t say I deserve it. When I snapped that picture and sent it to Scoopt it was with no idea it would turn out to be an historic event! All this is however highly enjoyable while it lasts and at least I can say I was in at the start of what could turn out to be a genuine revolution in the way we receive at least some of our news coverage.

Scoopt were themselves in the news this week as well. You might like to read this article in “The Register“. One of Scoopt rivals sent an email to it’s membership list showing all the email addresses of every member – then a second Scoopt competitor compounded this by “spamming” the entire list saying in effect “join us”! Neither action will endear itself to their members!

If anything else happens, I’ll let you know! In the meantime, sign up to Scoopt. What have you got to lose?


“Come Play” – Cooperative Young Film Makers Awards

Click here to see the presentation - 15mb Windows .wmv file Well, here we go again; I feel another “Proud Father” moment coming on.

On Saturday 15th October, a dozen or so family and friends met in Bradford at the National Museum of Photography Film and Television to watch my daughter, Tania Bell (on the left) and her close friend, Becky Soloman being presented with a prize in the 2005 Cooperative Young Film Makers Awards – one of Britain’s film festivals dedicated to showcasing the talents of film-makers under the age of 21 years.

It was their Media Studies teacher, Richard Knight, who suggested they enter their film for the awards. It obviously pleased the panel of judges (which included some well-known names in British film and television) as it was one of the winners shown on the big screen in the cinema attached to the museum, much to the delight of both families and friends.

Their film entitled “Come Play” is a “trailer” for a horror movie set in an abandoned mental hospital. With touches of “Psycho” and more than a passing tip of the hat towards “Blair Witch”, it is 110 seconds of spooky fare. The result is excellent and I particularly appreciate the editing (an often overlooked and underrated part of film-making) which the girls did unaided. A tour de force indeed. Congratulations, Tania and Becky!

Tania tells me they plan to make another film this Christmas so you never know, I may be reporting a second trip to Bradford this time next year.

Click the picture to see a video precis of the event: (Windows Media Player required – 4’22”, 15mb wmv file).