Sony Bravia “Paint” TV Commercial

Click to watch - Quicktime required

To be honest, Sony are not totally in my good books at the moment – what with the all the ‘Root Kit’ DRM fiasco they brought upon themselves. However, I did comment a while back on the “Bouncing Balls” Bravia TV commercial and the Tango spin-off spoof, both of which were excellent – each for their own reasons.

I have to say however, Sony have done it again in the advertising department. The concept of “Paint Fireworks” is startling and brilliantly executed. I was just thinking I would love to see some of the production stills from this shoot (I imagine it was quite a complex, not to mention messy, business) and Sony kindly obliged me! Click Here to see them and run through the other dates in the drop down box top right. There is even a “Making of” movie to watch – Click Here.

The whole thing comsumed 70,000 litres of paint, 358 single bottle bombs, 33 sextuple air cluster bombs, 22 Triple hung cluster bombs, 268 mortars, 33 Triple Mortars, 22 Double mortars, 358 meters of weld, 330 meters of steel pipe and 57 km of copper wire – a hugely complex set up.

Pity for a moment or two, the camera operator on that final 13-second shot (the longest and most ‘telling’ of them all) imagine the clean-up of the camera gear, the protective housing . . . and of course, himself!

It was I who first predicted international awards for Honda’s “Cog” Commercial. I am doing so again for this ad’. Watch it scoop all the TV advertising awards over the next 12 months – you heard it predicted here first. Excellent, Sony. Click, the picture to watch the commercialo – better still, if you have the bandwidth, go to the Sony site (link above) and navigate to the high resolution version. You’ll need Quicktime installed for this one.