Claire Passed her Driving Test


I don’t often post personal matters here but as the headline says we’ve had a major happening in the Bell/Joynes household this weekend.

My daughter, Claire passed her driving test on Friday. I didn’t realise until I watched Claire go through the process, just how different it is from the test I took about 40 years ago.

She passed both her theory test and her practical test first time; this apparently, is quite unusual.  Well done Claire – it’s quite an achievement these days!





Oh yes . . . Swype rocks!

Swype is a better way of inputting text on a mobile phone with a virtual keyboard.  I was a sceptic; now I’m a convert.  If you have an Android phone like my new HTC Desire, you really do need to see this.  A new beta programme has just been opened (16 June ’10) but you need to be quick.

Seriously – this is genuinely amazing.  I’ve just showed it to a colleague (who can’t have it on her iPhone because Apple have locked down all the keyboard APIs) and she is insanely jealous.

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