Unreal Engine 4

This is absolutely stunning.

Back in the “old days” (of early ray-tracing software on the Amiga) I’d have been happy to render one frame that looked one tenth as good as this – a process which itself would have probably taken overnight to complete.

What is true, is that this sort of creation technology has now far outstripped my ability to understand it. I simply can’t imagine being able to learn all about a software/game generation system such as that.  You need to have a young mind and to have grown up with it I fear.

With a background such as mine, I can however, at least understand just how unbelievably clever it actually is – and the people who create software like that – and indeed, the people who use it.  Not to mention the people who design “Worlds” like that in the first place!  Who dreams up ‘places’ like those?  :-)  I can watch and be amazed – and right now, that’s my job!

These days, when we go to the cinema, or put a disk in our home entertainment system, we are now used to seeing the impossible.  To my daughters, it’s commonplace – they take it for granted that film and game makers can show anything they want to on film – or on the PC screen.

To those of my era, such things still have a magic, and we’re unique, in that it’s probably only people with a history of incredibly limited processing power and limited software (like Real3D on the Amiga) who get the biggest kick out of seeing things like this.  I always knew that ray-traced rendering would become real-time, but it doesn’t lessen the amazement to see it happening!

By Stephen Bell Posted in Media