The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Spoofs are common and some of them are even funny. I can’t resist directing you to this one. Just hit the Download button or right click it and choose “Save Target as…” to save it to your local hard drive.

It’s a spoof on the Honda Cog commercial that has brought so many people to this site over the last couple of months. Featuring the two “118-118” characters, currently well-known in UK TV advertising for the new Directory Enquiries number, it is quite amusing. It is also a huge complement to Honda of course. The download is about 700kb and will bring on a smile if you’re a fan of “The Cog”.


A Pic and a Promise . . .

  Dick and May Dove
at Buckingham Palace. . . as my Mum (almost) used to say. With the furore over the Honda Cog TV Commercial having died down and the speculation over the whereabouts of the Iraqi Information Minister come to an end, I guess it’s about time I reverted to what brought this Blog about in the first place and that’s a whole mixture of things.

Here then, is a picture of some friends of mine. Dick Dove (on the right) was instrumental in setting up the Pinewood Miniature Railway I was involved in. He and his Wife, May, (seated) were invited to the Queen’s Summer Garden Party in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

They were accompanied by Dick’s daughter, Barbara and her husband, Graham. They are pictured here in front of the Palace Garden gates. It is quite an honour to be invited, so congratulations to you both!

Cameron’s Aircraft

I supppose I have to admit to becoming interested in ‘Big Brother’ around now. When the programme comes together with my long-standing interest in flying and aircraft, it becomes worthy of a quick post. For those of you watching the UK version, here is the plane in which Cameron flew to south Africa.

We now know he flew from Biggin Hill (which I suspected) in a Hawker 800 Executive Jet, registration “Golf – Romeo Charlie Echo Juliet”. Look at the pricing page on the website. You’ll see that Big Brother (Endemol) certainly can’t have received any change out of £60,000 for his trip to South Africa and back!