The Sincerest Form of Flattery?Sony Bravia Commercial is Double-Spoofed by Tango

In the same way the Honda Cog TV commercial spawned a number of spoof imitators (the 118-118 commercial probably being the best known here in the UK) Sony have been well and truly copied!

You’ve seen the Sony Bravia commercials with the colourful bouncing balls tripping gaily down the streets of (presumably) San Francicso. Now there is an imitator and it’s very funny! First off, click “Play” under the image above to watch the long version of the original – it’s worth it – it’s a great commercial. (Watch out for the frog by the way.)

Next, click “Play” under the image below to watch the homage by Tango shot in Swansea. Oh yes, and watch out for the frog… and the window… and the Morris Minor, and the…

A Spoof Within a Spoof

The advertisement, which took 12 hours to film, was masterminded by veteran commercials director Jim Gilchrist, whose credits include Holsten, Mars and Nike. The commercial is funny and it makes the point well, but there are previous examples of spoofs within spoofs and here’s Tango’s. If you believe everything you read, it “appears” that Swansea residents were not that happy about the commercial at all. “The Streets were covered in fruit pulp” is a quote from the Swansea North Resident’s Association Website. (They now have over 40 members, but you do have to have a clean driving licence to join!) To see the mess they made shooting the spoof Click Here. The further you read into the site the funnier it becomes. A very small amount of investigation tells us the domain name: was registered in February by CHI advertising of 7 Rathbone St., London, W1T 1LY!

Nice one Guys! :-)