Scoopt, Me and Tokyo TV . . .

Click Here to WatchThe final instalment {almost – see below} of the Scoopt and first-ever Citizen Photo Journalist saga (Click Here for the whole story) played itself out recently.

The video we shot in Bristol for Tokyo TV aired a couple of weeks back and TV journalist John Domokos was kind enough to send me a tape of the item as it was seen in Japan. Click here or on the picture to watch the video. John (who was pictured directing beside the camera in the previous post on this subject) can be seen in the video holding a mobile phone and a camcorder whilst doing a short piece to camera (in fluent Japanese of course) – I’m impressed, John!

Me being interviewed Having had my 15 minutes of fame I shall now retire into obscurity once more. (To be honest, I’ve had far more than my share of “15 minuteses” so I’m certainly not complaining.) There is however a certain satisfaction, and more than a little fun in having been (totally accidentally) the world’s first “official” Citizen Photo Journalist.

There’s a superb BBC documentary about the Citizen Photo Journalist phenomenon online right now. Click Here to watch it; I highly recommend it.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and sign up to Scoopt. As I’ve said before (inluding on the video) I shall continue to carry a camera with me, so what have any of us got to lose?

Afterword: It seems that every time I think this story has died, suddenly, “Frankenstein-style” it sits up and comes back to life with renewed vigour.

Firstly there was an article in the Independent Click Here and secondly, I just received an enquiry through this website from a French TV company making programmes for “Canal Plus” the French equivalent of HBO. They’re recording a documentary called “Citizen Reporter” an edition of Lundi Investigation (the French ’60 Minutes’) which will air in April. If we can arrange timescales and places they wish to do a TV interview sometime mid-February. As always, I will let you know what happens!