Feedback From Elly

More feedback on the subject of Pimms, this time from Elly, somewhere in deepest Oxfordshire. Elly found this site by searching for Pimms on Yahoo!. She says . . .

“I am in complete alliance with you on the matter of the lack of a Pimms website, its absurd! Here is a truly delicious and fantastically squiffy-making drink, and there’s not a single weblink anywhere to lead us to further enjoyment of the drink company’s marketing world.

I feel we should retaliate and demand a website from the good Pimms people as soon as possible. Only one question remains: how does one get in touch with them?”

Elly it’s a good point. Not only is there no website, but putting a search into such as “who makes Pimms?” brings nothing of any relevance at all. I shall have to look closely at the label on the bottle! In the meantime, if anyone else out there knows . . . ?


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