Just to Round Things Off . . .

Phil's Dilemma!Phil wrote back . . . “Staggering really – mind you, if you go to Google and type ‘Honda Cog advert’ – guess what! Even just ‘Honda cog’ gets a high ranking!
We should invoice Honda for our (collective!) marketing efforts!

I got this strange chap from our Server provider with a message ‘um…, er… your traffic seems to have increased about 800%… any ideas? It’s just that you’ve transfered your monthly limit in 48 hours… Maybe you should check your stats.’

Glad he called actually, otherwise we’d have racked up oodles of extra bandwidth costs. Thanks for all the notes on your website – you never know! Hope things are going well with you – must get together for that coffee/tea soon! Kind Regards, Phil.

Phil, you’re a Star! (Steve inserts another huge plug for Newview here!)


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