Play Thru – a totally brilliant idea

Play ThruCaptchas

We’ve all fallen foul of those ghastly “type-the-jumbled-and-distorted-words-to-prove-you’re-a-human”  things.  Finally, someone has come up with a better alternative.

A startup called Are You a Human has developed PlayThru, an alternative to text-based authentication.

Instead of requiring you to type some blurry, nonsensical word, PlayThru has you play a mini-game, such as dragging and dropping a car into an open parking spot.

The company says this method is more secure than word captchas — since automated bots have a harder time solving these image-based puzzles — and more fun, because users generally have a better time when their ability to identify letters isn’t called into question.

PlayThru has been in beta for several months and is currently available as a free download. On May 21st, the solution will officially launch on both PCs and smartphones.



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