Angry Birds Space Ringtone MP3 Free Download

Click for my 'Angry Birds Space' 20 second ringtoneMy Partner, Sheila has been playing Angry Birds Space for the last week. She said recently “That ‘Three Stars and new High Score’ music would make a good ringtone.”

Now, I have always been of the opinion that the sound is one of the main reasons Angry Birds is so popular.  Sound is an often overlooked and very underrated part of game design and whomever does this for Rovio is VERY good at it!

On examination, there are 190 sound effects in Angry Birds Space and a dozen or so music tracks!  My hat is off to Rovio’s sound designer.

Anyway, I copied a dozen or so sound pieces from the game and put them into Adobe Premiere and made Sheila a 20 second ring tone. Now, every time her phone rings, she can’t answer it because she’s laughing so much – it’s a pretty manic 20 second montage of all the best-loved Anrgry Birds Space noises and music stings.

If you’d like a copy, click the picture above with your right mouse button and choose “Save Target As…” or Save Link As…” and choose a place to save it.  Please add a comment or a ‘Like’ or a ‘+1’ or something to this post if you download and use it

By the way, please don’t ask me how to get it onto an iPhone, or indeed any specific phone. We have HTC One Xs where it’s just drag and drop.  I’m  not a phone expert, so I’m afraid you’re on your own when it comes to using it , there’s lots of help around if you Google for it.

Rovio if you object in any way to this, drop me an email and I’ll remove it completely and immediately.


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