Goodbye to the Fairway Driver / 95 / FX4

As you know Sheila and I have a Fairway London Taxi.

The LTI Fairway Driver 95 - last model of the series

The DVLC have recently launched a new website –

The graph of the numbers of classic original, Fairway (FX4) London Black Cabs is interesting.

When the Fairway ceased production in late 1979 (and the TX1 took over) there were over 26,000 of them on the roads. In the third quarter of 2011, the last few of these were still plying their trade but most of them had retired.

It’s right now – January 2012 – that the very last of them are being retired; you won’t see any more “FX4s” on the roads as working taxis from now on!

In Q3 2011 there were just 3,879 on the roads, but I suspect by Q3 this year, that figure will be significantly lower again as it will be only people like us who will keep them running.


3 comments on “Goodbye to the Fairway Driver / 95 / FX4

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    • Didn’t know about that – I see it started in 2013. You may well be getting a new member!

      Right now, “Hattie” my Fairway is siting outside and she is still my daily transport to and from work. :-)

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