Loving Google+

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My current main Google+ Circle

A lot of my content is now going to Google+

I resigned (with difficulty) from Facebook – oh – it must be  a year or more ago,  but I love the concept of being able to share pictures as they happen, my location, being able to ‘check in’ to places we’re visiting and add more bits of information in such an amazingly rich graphical format.

What Google+ lets me do is to share the things I think people will be interested in with only the people I think will be interested.

There are so many different parts of my life – my daughters, Sheila’s family, work colleagues, friends and lots of other people; with Google+ I can get to them all – or whatever subset of them – I wish to.

To my mind, G+ far outshines Facebook in useability and tight, almost uncanny integration with Google Maps, Lattitude, Google Photos (Picasa), YouTube, Google Earth, Gmail, Google Check-ins, Calendar, my (and Sheila’s) phones (including their GPSs and cameras) and more.  It’s a serious piece of work.

Once you start using it, you find all sorts of ways the bits work together – without even having to ask them to!  Google really have got this one right.

Basically, I’m hooked, but I realise that like Wave, it needs people to use it.  Worldwide however, it’s prospering – hugely.  People using it, love it.

Give it a try folks.  And if you still need an invitation to Google+ ask me or anyone who’s already got it, they’re readily available now.


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