Reserve your name on Altly

Altly are working on an alternative to Facebook.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway and Russia have all seen recent declines in Facebook users. The numbers in the United States are particularly striking. Facebook had 155 million active users at the start of May and only 149 million by the end of the month. (Facebook defines an “active” user as someone who logs in to the site at least once during the month.)

In other words, 6 million Americans decided last month that they had better things to do than check Facebook. Altly therefore, may be making a timely move.

To be sure, Facebook still has a lead that some might call unassailable, but then so did CocaCola!  Disapora (for which I was a backer) hasn’t caught on – yet at least – but the creators of Altly come with a pedigree of success.

Why am I telling you this?  Because right now, you can reserve your user name for if/when it does happen.  I did this when Gmail was first announced, so out of the 2,400 people who’d like it, I got stevebell [at] gmail [dotcom].  Just in case, I now have SteveBell on Altly as well.

One never knows in this day and age which online services will eventually turn into winners so, whenever you get the chance – like now – reserve your chosen user name; it can do no harm.

Go to and reserve your name now.


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