30 years ago this month

That's me . . .

That's me, shooting in Cornwall in 1980. (Spot the U-Matic!)

Long time friend and former colleague Colin Grimshaw (the very same man who looked out the videos of Guy Kewney – see below) has just written a Blog post about some video we were shooting exactly 30 years ago this month.

We were down underground and around Tywarnhale Mine – a Cornish tin (or was it copper?) mine, which belonged at the time to Imperial College of Science and Technology for which we both were working at the time (Colin still does).

Read Colin’s Blog post here.

Colin’s words take me back a bit but I remember it well.

He  neglects to mention however, this was not a project for anyone suffering from claustrophobia. The underground passage to the working area was not high enough to stand straight, it was a long walk and about 18 inches deep in water. Of course, apart from the helmet lamps, it was also dark!

All the equipment Colin mentions had to be carried a considerable distance underground whilst bent almost double and wading through water. It was hot, humid, wet and everyone and everything came out of the mine stained orange.

Yes, we suffered for our art in those days, but it was fascinating and I wouldn’t have missed the experience.  I remember having the thought as we first turned on the battery lights for the video, it was certain that area had never seen as much light since the dawn of time!


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