Searching for John Taylor from Ravensbourne RCAD

A few posts back I mentioned Ellie.

She and I are now in communication and in some respects the intervening years have dropped away.  Whilst at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design in Bromley,  She, I, Stephen Hitchins, Anne Alexander and John Taylor were a great team.  We produced some superb multimedia shows – and remember – this was back in the 70s when Multimedia was ground-breaking.

“Search for a Hero” won such critical acclaim that the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in Sloane Square , London, took us on for a short season.  The following year “The Ring”, a show about marriage, won critical acclaim as did “No Clock in the Forest” the year after.

Messrs, Bell, Frost and Hitchins are now back in contact.  Where are you John Taylor?  Get in touch, Pal we need you to help give that young upstart Lloyd Webber a run for his money!   :-)


2 comments on “Searching for John Taylor from Ravensbourne RCAD

  1. Hi,
    My name is Gerry Donnelly and I was one of the cast of ‘No Clock In The Forest’ singing and performing alongside John Taylor under the direction of Ann Alexander a fellow Northern Irish person at Ravensbourne.I was very lucky to have her and other great lecturers such as Patrick Wallis Burke, Geoff White, Jim Wells,John Laing and Dudley Hollingsworth.I went on to work for London Typographic Designers in Elverton Street London.O’Kennedy Brindley in Dublin as a graphic designer.Then teaching for twenty years plus at St Michaels College Enniskillen N.Ireland before initiating a course in graphic design/product design at Magee College University of Ulster Londonderry and later becoming Senior Course Tutor of the course.
    All thanks to the wonderful tutoring I received at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design Bromley.

    • Hi Gerry,

      Unless there was another ‘Gerry’, I remember your singing! Thank you so much for your memories. I will make sure Eleanor sees this as well – it was her music you were singing in No Clock in the Forest.

      RCAD spawned many successful designers and teachers and I am very pleased to read you have continued your career so successfully. Please do send any Ravensbourne alumni you know or find here and we’ll try to make sure everyone is in touch with the people they knew.


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