New Look Website and Blog

Well it’s taken me a couple of years to get it done, but this site now basks in the warmth of a brand new look. Phew – that was a task and a half!

I use Blogger to publish the Home Page of this site and when I started with that back in 2002 it was all nice and easy. Now, and particularly since Google took over and added comments and automatically generated archive links and last ten posts links etc., the Blogger “language” has reached a whole new level.

To be honest, in the past, I’ve had two or three goes at doing this and every time, it’s been more tricky than the last and, OK, I’ve given up. (As Keith Withers once said about Sheila’s Grade Four flute pass – “Lazy”! :-)

If I’d been blogging on Blogspot, it would all have been so easy, click-clicketty-click-click-done! But, because I wanted my own design, with my own style sheets and my own ‘trademark’ fading rollovers (!?) it meant I had to hand code all the Blogger stuff into my own template and frankly, that’s a bugger!

However – I’m supposed to be a bl**dy Mensa member and I refused to be beaten by it So, after nearly three days of mucking about, you see before you the result.

Anyhow – it works – I think. Let me know if you spot any “deliberate” errors would you? :-)


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