Dodge TV Commercial – Binky’s Script Change Redux

Click to watch the video You’ll remember a couple of months back, I wrote about the new Dodge Caliber TV commercial and their non-standard approach to selling their new model. I linked to both the American and British versions of the commercial and spoke about the differences – much preferring the UK version which I felt made it’s point more subtly.

In the interim, both links have ceased to work, so I was pleased when the UK version made a reappearance. I now have it on my own site, so click the image above to watch.

There’s an addition this time. You will notice the red flash in the top left corner saying “Free Binky Toy – Press Red”. It seems Dodge have inadvertently created a series of characters (or one at least in the form of Binky) who have caught the public imagination. I haven’t as yet “Pressed Red”, (I was too busy capturing the commercial on DVD for this website) but I will. I’ll let you know just how Free “Free” really is, shortly.


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