Dodge Caliber Car Commercial – Binky’s Script Change

My apologies for not having posted for a while. I blame this on two things; firstly, I have been far too busy getting up and working and secondly not that many things have caught my attention or imagination recently.

However that changed when I saw this new TV commercial. This is, in fact, the USA version of the commercial and it’s subtly different from the UK one – I think the UK one is better – if I manage to capture it on video I will post it here.

The three differences are minor and there are only two that affect one’s impression. Firstly the car in the UK ad’ is red but primarily, two minor script alterations at the end increase the impact no end. In the UK version, the final shot showing the two ‘hidden’ executives have them saying only a single word – “Perfect”. This understatement fits the concept better. Mainly though, Binky’s contribution in the American version is “it scares the cr*p out of me” with the word “cr*p” being bleeped out. In the UK verion there are no bleeps and Binky says “It just made me wet my pants!” Delivered in Binky’s terrified squeaky tones (without bleeps) followed by the quicker final comment from the executives makes for a much faster ending with greater impact.

Overall, it’s a novel concept for a car ad’ and a pretty brave one, and it pays off. Nice work guys!

The UK Ad’ Online: I’ve just found the UK version online at:


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