Dog and Duck Sky TV ads

Click to watch the commercial I’ve been making everyone’s lives at home a misery of late by quoting bits of SKY TV’s “Dog and Duck” commercials. I suppose therefore, I ought to give them some Blog space as well!

The commercials are simple in concept, minimalist in design, very effective and repeat-watchable. Good “Virus” material in other words – well here I am writing about them – and that’s a good thing, both for the brand and the product.

Watch the commercial for yourself. Ignore the voice-over at the end; it’s the first part with the humourous yet affectionate interaction between the two “characters” that gives this series of commercials their charm. Meet the wise, knowledgeable, patient yet affectionate duck, who is obviously (in a strange melange of relationships) the Mother figure to the excitable, enthusiastic, uneducated, yet lovable dog. The dog incidentally is well-cast; an Afghan just wouldn’t have fitted the part at all!

I have to comment, I am surprised at the director “Crossing the Line” at one point. Film makers will know what I mean – the ‘180 degree rule‘* is sacrosanct in film making, yet in this case, I suppose it does not detract from people’s enjoyment.

For the last few weeks at home, when something new is mentioned, I’ve been saying “Bwilliant!!! – What’s that then, Duck?”. Perhaps when you’ve watched you’ll understand – and maybe even do the same yourself!

OK then – maybe not! :-)


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