An Update – in More Ways Than One.

Regular visitors will notice the change in design. I tend to reorganise things every 12 months or so and this site was overdue for that treatment, so here’s the updated look for the next year or so.

The other way in which this is an update is merely to note the lack of an update! The story below is about London winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games. A happy day for everyone in the UK and one that will be remembered. However, everyone reading this will know what happend the day afterwards and indeed again two weeks after that. Nothing I can add here will make an impact; millions of words have already been written about the happenings in our capital city on that day.

I didn’t forget and neither was it a case of not bothering. To be honest it’s more a case of “let’s carry on as normal as soon as possible” and in some ways, the fewer words there are, the better.


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