“The Queen Must Die!”

The Queen Must Die! (A Play) Excuse me while I have a ‘Proud Father’ moment. My daughter, Tania, and other students at her school, performed their ‘Drama A Level’ play to an invited audience of parents, family and friends in a small theatre in Sleaford, Lincolnshire on Tuesday evening.

Especially given the title of “The Queen Must Die” we were half expecting an evening of teenage overacted angst but what we saw was a very funny comedy that gained these young players many belly laughs from their audience. It was genuinely very funny and the whole thing very well acted, directed and produced. All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Let me also send note for the unseen sound and lighting person too – everything was spot on cue – and there were a lot of cues!

Primarily for Tania’s (and my) benefit but also for that of her friends and maybe a few other parents, friends and families, there’s a short video clip you can view. Click the picture! (7mb .wmv file)


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