Wessex Trains Alphaline – Now 55 Minutes Late

Well, the pictures tell the story. This was the sign on Bristol Temple Meads station this Friday night at 18:47pm. Train scheduled for 18:22 but not expected to arrive until 19:08. It actually left Temple Meads at 19:17 – 55 minutes late. The interior picture shows the usual overcrowding.

You can’t really see in this small picture, but the poor guy with the refreshments trolley was jammed against the far left door. It caused some amusement when he started selling his wares by people passing (and even throwing) money and packets of crisps up and down the carriage.

Incidentally, I must thank the nice young chap in the black jumper who got me a seat at one point. Maybe I’m beginning to look my age and frankly I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or annoyed, but I accepted gratefully and did get a seat for half the journey. Maybe age has its compensations!

Seriously though, this is beyond a joke. Not only was this two coach train again packed to unsafe levels, but by it being 56 minutes late, (which became and hour and ten minutes late by Southampton) I missed two connections at Southampton Central and reached Poole over an hour and a half later than I should have.

Wessex Trains – same question! Reply to me and I’ll post your words here.


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