Wessex Trains Again – Around 400 Passengers in 2 Coaches!

I thought two weeks ago was bad, but have a look at last night’s picture. This is a disgrace!

This is again the Friday night Wessex Trains AlphaLine service from Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour via Bristol and Southampton. As you can just about make out in the dingy lighting, there were people sitting in the aisles with their feet under the seats on either side – because you can squash more people in that way. I counted as best as I could – and there were 147 people visible to me in the coach I was packed into.

When the train reached Bath Spa, many people who had been waiting there for the (by now well-delayed) train simply could not get on. One man with a bike had no chance, as even the space reserved for a mere two bicycles was packed with five people and there was simply nowhere else for them to go.

Local Liberal Democrat MP Sandra Gidley (Click Here) would NOT be pleased! She has already had occasion to take Wessex Trains to task on this subject.

Wessex Trains, I repeat this is not good enough; two coaches are grossly insufficient for a Friday night commuter train linking four major UK cities: Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton and Portsmouth ! This train should consist of a minimum of four carriages. So, what are you going to do about it?

My last post on this subject was read by over 1,700 people by the way, so perhaps you would like to answer me? I repeat I will gladly publish any reply you care to send. Click the Feedback link at the top of the page to get in touch. Similarly, if you also were a passenger on the train and wish to comment, please do!


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