Steve Bells of the World Unite!

I received an email today from… Steve Bell. He said:

This is Steve Bell from Portsmouth, UK. I just thought I’d say hello. I found three other Steve Bells on the net. One is a gospel singer from Canada, another is an astronomer and the other is the political cartoonist from the UK. I work in Consumer Protection here in the UK. My interest is history and my website is about how my great Uncle died in World War two. Maybe we Steve Bells all ought to get together one day?

Well, if Dave Gorman can do it, why can’t we Steve Bells? If your name is also Steve Bell, do drop me a note from the Feedback Page, and if you’ve come here looking for a different Steve Bell altogether, there’s a set of links at the bottom of the right-hand margin to some others I have found.

In the meantime, I’ve added a link to Steve’s Website to that list. The site is not about him, but about The Royal Navy Ship HMS Glowworm. Do have a read, especially if you’re historically inclined.


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