Multi Media Messaging – not catching on!

According to a poll conducted by NOP, the mobile phone loving British have yet to embrace the multimedia messaging revolution.

T-Mobile, says 39% of new phones sold last year were MMS enabled, but users send a thousand times more SMS messages than MMS. This pattern is borne out right across the UK operators: NOP found that just over 55% of us have handsets capable of sending MMS messages. However, T-Mobile says that its network carried 4.39 million MMS messages in the UK in 2003, against 2.98 billion simple text messages. Yes, that was millions vs. billions!

There can be no blaming technophobia either. NOP reveals only 17 per cent of phone users didn’t know how how to send an MMS message. That means there are a lot of people out there who know how to send pictures, but are simply not doing it!

My view – phones are for talking with people and sending and receiving information. What with the prices for sending pictures being higher and the fact you can’t say, “Meet me outside the cinema at 7pm” in a picture, was it a pipe dream that we’d all want to send picture to one another?


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