Pimms TV Commercials (II)

Click here for the commercial
I have found one of the Pimms commercials. This is from August 2002 and in my estimation holds joint second place in the series with the “Hookers” commercial (the most recent “Wedding” one coming top).

Here, our hero, “Harry” meets up with a group of security van robbers in the woods whilst they’re burying their stash. Despite the security van being there, he believes they’re burying the money to avoid the taxman. One of the subtle aspects is how the robbers change from hostility to friendship – due to the jug of Pimms Harry conjures up of course. Click the picture for the commercial (2Mb Quicktime file – will open in a new window).

In 30 seconds the ad promotes the product brilliantly. Some commercials are so clever they leave you wondering what the product was; not this one, Pimms comes across loud and clear and encourages you to try it.

I’d really like to have some American viewpoints on this. Is this really how you see the English? And, I would still love to get hold of the latest “Wedding” ad’, if anyone knows where it can be found! And finally – Pimms – another plea – where’s the website?!


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