Pimms: Another Missed Online Opportunity

Regular readers will know I often talk about TV commercials. I have been increasingly impressed with the Pimms commercials starring Alexander Armstrong. Featurng an archetypal upper class eccentric English ‘Twit’ with no realisation of what is going on around him, the commercials are a stroke of brilliance.

They combine the typical outsider’s view of the English, (and let’s face it, the sort of character none of us can find objectionable) with memorable and genuinely funny ‘story lines’ (as much as 30 seconds can contain a ‘story’). Most importantly, they are witty, repeat-watchable and they do exactly what they are intended to do – put the product and its name across in a way that makes it attractive to the potential audience, in an amusing and memorable format. I am certain they have been very successful.

Why then, is there no Pimms Website? (I can’t find one anyway – if you can, please do let me know where it is). Here is a HUGE opportuntiy to cash in on. The commercials themselves would make superb viral marketing pieces – you Americans would love them! (The archetypal eccentric English Gent, intent on partying and mixing glasses of Pimms despite accidentally (and unknowingly) being in the company of security truck bandits, hookers, and most recently, at a huge (and ‘young’) wedding party in a marquee – a brilliant concept with excellent execution.)

Come on Pimms, you’re missing out on extra awareness, a huge viral marketing opportunity and extra sales! If you’re not sure what to do, drop me a note from here and I’ll set you on the right path!

By the way, the picture above is mine, I made it up – I couldn’t even find a ‘still‘ from the commercials on the web. Crazy!


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