Car Insurance, Accident Solicitors and Loan Commercials

Anyone who watches cable or satellite TV these days will know of the blight of car insurance, accident compensation and debt consolidation loan company commercials that now monopolise every commercial break. I hate them.

I received an email today from a friend who says he has recently given up his satellite subscription because he simply can’t stand these ads any longer. I know for the stations concerned, advertising revenue is king, but I wonder if anyone has done any research on how many people switch channels trying to avoid these? There must be a law of diminishing returns if viewers are ultimately persuaded to drop some 300+ channels and return to the terrestrial half dozen or the “Freeview” 20? Maybe it’s time the senior management of some of the less watched channels did some homework on how many extra viewers they might attract if they banned or at least priced these ads off their channels?

Any comments? Talk to me!


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