Don’t Press Star!

A week or so ago, I had occasion to try and call my bank (Barclays). I tried directory enquiries but all they would give me was the call centre number. I eventually wound up calling that and was met with the usual “press 1 for this, press 2 for that” scenario. After going through five levels (yes 5!), I was told I was in a queue, how important my call was to them, how profusely they apologised, that they were all very busy, and that would be answered shortly. After a while I gave up – this was not a free call!

A while later I tried again. I noticed at the beginning of the recorded options, the voice asked me to “Please press star, twice”. I wondered what would happen if I didn’t! The answer, friends – the phone rings and you are put straight through to someone who asks you what you want! Wow!

Now, I’ve mentioned this to a few other people. Most have said “Wow” just like me. One said “Oh, I often do that!” Well I now pass this on to all you good peole who didn’t know. It’s worth trying! Refuse to play the ‘options’ game and “Don’t Press Star“! I’ve tried this since with British Telecom and it works with them as well.

This has led me on to thoughts of creating a website with all the unofficial ways (like this) of getting the service you want. How about publishing all the branch numbers of every Barclays bank in the UK? You know – the ones directory enquiries won’t give you! I bet someone in Barclays would be willing to anonymously slip out a copy of their branch phone directory! How about :-) Does anyone out there know of any more ways to beat the system? Let me know and I’ll publish them here.


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