Reality TV Strikes Again

In the UK, Channel Five are not particularly well known for putting large amounts of cash into new programming, but they may have struck gold with their new reality TV programme, “Back to Reality”.

Regular readers will know I do occasionally watch Big Brother or Fame Academy etc., (well someone has to) so it was with a few misgivings (for the reason above) that I started watching Five’s new programme. The idea is simple enough. Take twelve already well known (hated or loved) reality TV personalities and stick them in a “mansion” (Five’s word) inside a very large TV studio for three weeks. That’s right – a two storey house inside a TV studio. Clever idea actually, because it gets around all the “shouting over the wall” scenario of Big Brother and allows the producers to control everything, even the “daylight”.

The result, I have to say has been entertaining, partly because we already know the people, so the personality learning curve is non-existent. I have to say, I think they chose their ”guests” quite well. Where else would you find an English Major rubbing shoulders with a transvestite Brazilian hairdresser?

The Website is at and I’ve extracted the direct URL for the free live stream (which is a bit naughty I suppose) but if you want to watch, and you’re reading this before the end of the first week in March, Click Here! (The sound is not broadcast between 1am and 7am UK time, but you can watch the antics 24/7.)

So far we’ve had tantrums, huge shouting matches, tears, revolting tasks, the beginnings of a possible love affair and paranoia – so much so that Uri Geller walked out after claiming that the Channel Five company had been interfering with his personal belongings.

Transvestite Brazilian Hairdresser! I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, have a look at the stream, but please, if you’re in the ‘States don’t think we British are all like this – the ”guests” are a mixture of a few of the best, but many more of the very worst the UK has to offer; then of course, there’s the Transvestite Brazilian Hairdresser! (Pictured at left.)


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