with the rather strange (to British ears) headline, “U.K. Pumping More Quid into Online than Radio” Marketing Wonk announce the amazing fact that the UK are now putting more money into Online advertising than commercial radio. If it’s true, It’s amazing. I say “if it’s true” because frankly I’m amazed. So much so, that I wouldn’t believe it at all if it were not for the fact that Clickz.com have the same story. V-e-r-y interesting.

Personally, I have always been a fan of radio advertising. There’s an old saying about radio (well, ‘old’ in relative terms), “Repetition Builds Reputation – Repetition Builds Reputation – Repetition Builds Reputation”! Does the Internet really promise a greater ROI than radio? And what does this bode for the future of commercial radio profits I wonder? Watch this space . . .


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