“The Honda Cog” is Back Online, PLUS the “Making Of” Movie, in full DVD Quality!

Click to Download! Thanks to a charming, most helpful (yet probably deranged) soul, the full 45mb “Honda Cog” ad in full DVD quality PLUS the “Making Of the Cog” movie – all 95Mb of it – are now online! Regular or previous readers will remember my good friend Phil Clarke tried to host these with disasterous results; his company Newview Communications transferred their entire monthly bandwidth allowance (and a lot more) in just 48 hours! The whole story is Here if you want to read it!

Anyway, I recently received an email offering to host the full versions, so with the help once more of NewView, we transferred the files and you can now download to your heart’s content!

All the details this benevolent person wants known, can be found alongside the download links at This Website. I shall add no more, except to say that if I receive any word on how much bandwidth is consumed, I’ll let you know!

Seriously, make the most of it folks and a huge Thank You to our benefactor – and I was only kidding about the ‘deranged’ honestly! :-)


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