111 Million

That’s the number of text messages sent in the UK in the 24 hours starting from 00:00:01am on New Years Day. An amazing number, beating all previous records. However, in a simple test set up by a Swedish company who had test text messages sent on all four major cellular networks in the UK at this same time, the quickest to arrive took over 15 minutes, the slowest nearly 5 hours and one has yet to arrive – despite the senders all having received “Message Sent” notifications. How many of your new year texts actually arrived?

That’s today’s first piece of techno-trivia, the second is that Ebay had apparently just accepted it’s most expensive ever item for auction. Do you want a couple of seconds to try a guess before I tell you what it is? Stop reading here for a minute if you want. A Rolls Royce? No. A yacht? No, but getting warmer. OK I’ll tell you – it’s an aircraft carrier belonging to the Brazilian Navy. Reserve price $1m. Sounds cheap to me!


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